Veil Cosmetic designs 'courses' and 'routes' 

to make the customer's flutter come true and their dreams come true.


VEIL COSMETIC is a total beauty company with its role to Provide beauty solution and is reaching out to its customers through overseas markets. With its beauty business platform, VEIL COSMETIC develops and Provides brand products to satisfy the client’s needs. In order to enlarge the beauty business, VEIL COSMETIC works hand in hand with Korea leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists. As a result, VEIL COSMETIC operates what`s called the “clinical coordinator program” that fulfills an upgraded value of beauty.


VEIL COSMETIC offers a total beauty platform service for clients who struggle with developing their own brands. VEILCOSMETIC leads the client`s ideas and values in a better direction and runs the Turn-key // make-up and Etc. business that is responsible for the entire procedures from beginning to end. VEIL COSMETIC provides customized products to its clients through specialized development such as skin care, body care, hair care, make-up Etc.


VEIL COSMETIC a professional designed experts suggests applied design with the brand’s C.I/B.I branding design and graphic illustration & typography work for product package. Differentiated service with 3D animation techniques even before the product is released, makes customer have design first from the draft to final. High - resolution & high-quality design is also available with VEIL COSMETICS before production and it IS strength for customized design with know – how and various experiences.

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